Series No.___

Series No.__
Image credits: Robin Eisenberg (courtesy of Christopher Kardambikis), Torie Partridge, Paul Dunbar, Christopher Kardambikis
September 12, 2016

Series No. ____

Gallery 102
801 22nd Street NW
Washington, DC 20052

Exhibition Dates: September 19 - October 1 
Opening Ceremony: September 22

WASHINGTON, DC - Gallery 102 is pleased to present Series No. __ , an exhibition that explores the world of zine culture and the interaction between word and image. The self-publishing of zines allows artists and writers to think without limitations and, most importantly, without the influence of an editor or spectator. The zines collected in this exhibit all share this quality to some extent, and are made more relatable and personal because of it.

The show also features over seventy zines from the private collection of Christopher Kardambikis, long-time maker of zines, prints, and current faculty at George Mason University. These works come from all over the country and highlight the many forms and styles of zine culture in the past decade.

Gallery 102 is a student-run exhibition space located at the George Washington University whose mission is to support students and faculty with curatorial and exhibition opportunities. For additional information please contact

Exhibiting Artists:
Anne B.
Paul Dunbar and Savannah Gignac
Jared Freschman
G.E. Gallas
Christopher Kardambikis
Dirk Keaton and Torie Partridge
Tara Kosowski
Charlotte Malerich, John Hollister Conroy, and Greg Gill
Sad Girl Shoppe (Janet George & Kamille Jackson)
Sclera Studios
M. Spadafore
Gilbert White
Selections from The Zine Library Collection of Christopher Kardambikis