Today: A Current Events Show

A current events show
Curated by Caranine Smith and Noelia Irizarry-Roman, MA students
January 17 – January 28, 2011
Closing Reception: January 25, 6:30 – 8:00 pm
From the catalog:
The artist plays a special role in society because the art they create can serve so many functions relating to current events, whether it be as a critique of politics or popular culture, a reflection of contemporary happenings, or as part of the discourse of society and culture itself. For this show, we asked artists from the George Washington University community to create works that explore the world we live in. Our approach was deliberately broad, to allow the artists to interpret the theme without restriction. 
The result is a fascinating grouping of works which delve into themes important to the artist as well as our broader global society. This show featured art focused on trends in American and international politics, the rapid rise of social networking and its effect on relationships, issues regarding freedom of speech and press in Central America, violence, racial stereotyping and the high rate of black men in American prisons, education, modern-day medicine, and the culture of India.