RESPONSE: Relationships & Technology

September 28, 2016

RESPONSE: Relationships and Technology
curated by: claudiaLAMY

Thursday October 6, 2016

Show opens
Monday October 3 - 14, 2016

Various types of relationships provide us an opportunity to manifest our dreams and desires. The purpose of this show is to share claudiaLAMY’s relationships experienced through contemporary technology, both as the source material and as the delivery. It is the culmination of three years focused on relationships with the self and others. Works include both solo and collaborative pieces.

claudiaLAMY is a multimedia artist centered in the Washington DC area. She holds a holistic view of art-making that concentrates on the artistic process. Her methodology involves intuitive risk-taking combined with symbolic consideration of life and art. The construction of each piece involves elements of play, experimentation and often act as a sort of self-reflection or healing process. claudiaLAMY believes that her diverse occupational background fuels her experiences as an artist. Much of her methodology is derived from her time as an providing therapeutic care to clients on the autism spectrum. claudiaLAMY has adopted many of these ideas into her art making, such as therapeutic play.  She is interested in human interactions and welcomes collaborations as she believes that all of her experiences inform and enrich her art-practice. Her art making process involves interacting with other artists, non-artists, and sometimes interactions by the viewer. She does this by creating spaces where the viewer or participant is able to be open and vulnerable. This is usually prompted by actions taken by the artist herself; she extends herself to the viewer or the participant authentically and only asks that the viewer respond in sincerity. This creates a valuable exchange between the artist and the viewer; and ultimately, the viewer and themselves. claudiaLAMY wants viewers to engage with the work and to allow it to spark a sense of self awareness and reflection. 

Gallery 102
Smith Hall of Art
Department of Fine Arts and Art History
The George Washington University
801 22nd Street NW
Washington, D.C. 20052

T   202 994-6085

Open Hours
Monday-Friday 9am-5pm