The DONUT Show

The DONUT Show
Curated by Caranine Smith, MA student, and Evan Hume, Professorial Lecturer
October 24 – November 4, 2011
From the catalog by Caranine Smith:
The genesis of this show came on a hot summer day in 2010. Over lunch, Emily Mauro, Jordan Amirkhani and I proposed the idea of an art show exploring all the different manifestations of the donut shape. It remained an occasional semi-serious topic at numerous Gallery 102 receptions during the next year. When the idea was enthusiastically received by several student artists I enlisted the help of Evan Hume to make the show a reality. 
We asked student artists to cleverly explore the shape and branching cultural associations of the donut. This included the 2-D concept of one circle inside the other or the 3-dimensional form of the donut. For our artists’ inspiration, we suggested the Oxford English Dictionary and its definition:
1. A small spongy cake made of dough (usually sweetened and spiced), and fried or boiled in lard. Freq. made in the shape of a thick ring. 
2. A colloq. or slang. Applied to various objects with a shape resembling the toroidal shape of a doughnut, as a motor-car or airplane tire or a ring-shaped float. In Math., a torus.