Combined Degree in Studio Arts + Art History

The combined Studio Arts and Art History major is a hybrid program of studio, art history, and art theory courses. The combined major offers a platform where creative expression, research, and theory are seamlessly explored and practiced. Combined majors are encouraged to cross conventional visual, technical, and conceptual boundaries and engage with the history and traditions of art while honing research and writing skills.

Studio Arts + Art History Combined Major Requirements

The combined Studio Arts and Art History major requires 27 credit hours in Studio Arts and 27 credit hours in Art History. Students work with the Director of Undergraduate Studies to customize a course of study. For all students declaring their major after September 1, 2015, the following requirements apply:

  • Three courses from the 1000 introductory studio level, in a minimum of three studio areas:  Photography, New Media, Sculpture, Ceramics, Painting, and Drawing;
  • FA 2001 Studio Seminar: Conceptual Propositions, to be taken after completing 9 credits and before completing 18 credits of FA coursework;
  • Three courses at the 2000 or 3000 level, including at least one course in two different studio areas;
  • One cross-disciplinary courses at the 3900 level, in any combination;
  • One capstone courses:
  • FA 4195 Critical Practices
  • Participation in a capstone exhibition concurrent with enrollment in Critical Practices.

The Art History courses must include a minimum of one course (3 credits) in six of the following seven categories (for a total of 18 credits): Ancient, Medieval/Islamic World, Renaissance/Baroque, 18th/19th Century, Modern & Contemporary, Asian, and Pre-Columbian/Latin American/African. To develop a specialization, students take an additional course in one of these categories (3 credits) as well as a minimum of two Junior/Senior Seminars (6 credits); seminars may count towards the distribution requirements.

Requirements for majors declared before September 1, 2015

For majors who declared before Fall 2015, you may elect to follow the new requirements or the requirements in place at the time of your major declaration:

The combined Studio Arts and Art History major requires 27 credit hours in Studio Arts and 27 credit hours in Art History. The Studio Arts credit hours should include coursework in a balance of concentration areas.  The Art History credit hours consists of AH1031 and AH1032, one course (3 credits) in each of the following categories: Ancient-Medieval, Renaissance-Baroque, and Modern European/American art history; one Art History seminar (3 credits); and an additional 3 courses (9 credit hours) of upper division courses in Art History. 

Studio Arts + Art History Combined Minor Requirements

The combined minor requires 9-12 credits of course work in Art History and 9-12 credits in Studio Arts, including at least one course at the 2000 level or above, for a total of 21 credits. A program of study is developed in consultation with the Directors of Undergraduate Studies in Art History and Studio Arts.

Minors who declared before Fall 2015 may follow these guidelines, or elect to follow the previous guideline, which included 9-12 credits in Studio Arts at any level.

Consortium Registration

Students wishing to take limited classes beyond GW have the benefit of registering for courses at the other institutions belonging to the Washington Consortium of Universities. Any undergraduate student interested in these programs must consult with his/her departmental advisor prior to participation.

Who do I contact for more info about combined degrees?

Carmen Montoya
Undergraduate Advisor: Studio Arts

Phone: 202-994-6008
Office: Smith Hall 410

Kerry McAleer-Keeler
Undergraduate Advisor: Studio Arts