Chasing Down the Pour

August 25–September 5, 2014
Reception: Thursday, September 4, 5:00-6:00 p.m.
Curated by Miriam Grotte

Gallery 102 at the George Washington University opened its fall 2014 exhibition series with Chasing Down the Pour, curated by Miriam Grotte. This group exhibition examined the act of pouring as an artistic gesture. Pouring is entropic—the artist sets in motion a creative process marked by varying degrees of disorder. To pour is to relinquish control and invite the possibility of accidental and contingent occurrences. This show explored pouring in contemporary art as an open-ended process, producing artwork in which control and chaos, accuracy and error, and restraint and freedom can coexist.
The Washington-area artists included in this exhibition apply a shared practice of pouring to a variety of media—including paint, bronze, ink, milk, and honey—to a wide range of visual effects. 
Artists in the exhibition include Saya Behnam; Rosetta DeBerardinis; Jesse Gillespie; Andrew Kim; Ryan McDonnell; Emily Mihalik; Lincoln Mudd; Emilia Pennanen; Samantha Sethi; Mai Stoebe; Shabnam Shamloo; Marta Staudinger; and Laurie Tylec.