from change to change

On view: September 8, 2014–September 19, 2014
Gallery 102 - Smith Hall of Art
Opening Reception: September 11 from 5 PM to 6 PM

It seems fitting that we started our program in the darkness of the new moon, and our first task is to hang a show of our own new work just before the full moon peaks. Cycles in and out of darkness mirror the constancy of beginnings and completions, periods of vibrant illumination followed always by passages through shadow, the new potentiality for newness in and around us, as well as the possibility to release the past and create the future. As we enter a new phase in our art practices together, this exhibition is an opportunity to celebrate the mysteries that move us forward.
With all new beginnings there is a corresponding previous state. This previous state is simultaneously abstract and real; a somewhere that is nowhere. The clock spins, the calendar progresses. Tides rise and fall, our bodies mark our own time, and the moon illuminates hers. The history of art is a daunting and impossibly huge tradition to navigate, but we do it anyway. We enter a cycle, and we spin.
The title from change to change is borrowed from a W.B. Yeats poem, The Cat and the Moon. The poem follows a little black cat dancing through the grass, inextricably linked despite their differences to the changing moon. To explore the shifting aspects of the lunar cycle, paintings, photographs, and installations are shown, contemplating new beginnings, transformation, cyclical change, primordial connections. The exhibition is comprised entirely of new works made by incoming MFA students.

Join us for a public reception on Thursday, September 11, from 5:00–6:00 p.m.